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the confusion friends in... arch nemisus Dr. SPELLING BEE! [Jun. 12th, 2004|01:52 am]
[mood |confusedsway]
[music | -singing lets's dance by david bowie to self]

9:05am.. outside of somewhere confusing..
we join our hero's at Helga's meat palace n' cafe..

Death Spiral: and they are there, confused, of course
Dr. Kinky: *Dr. Spelling Bee is sending out his flying guidance whores to terrorize young children.. telling them they are worthless and need not caffine to heal their wounds*
Death Spiral: and then we run in, and tell them it's not very nice to say such things
Dr. Kinky: *a can of diet cola is thrown at Dr. Spelling Bee*
Death Spiral: they scream it contains phenylalanine! hahaha (evil laugh)
Death Spiral: and we spell phenylalanine agdgsgrgd
Death Spiral: even though it has no vowels!!
Dr. Kinky: *flings meat at window for no reason*.. i felt like..it.. was a splurge of the moment
Death Spiral: it's okay
Death Spiral: (towns people) what the hell are they doing?
civilian: "they're just our special heros" *wink wink*
Death Spiral: we are special
Dr. Kinky: very
Death Spiral: so special we should get cookies
Dr. Kinky: and nothing like.. bad spelling.. can take that away
Death Spiral: no, and those guidance whores, trying to tell me what to think and who to be....curse them!!!
Dr. Kinky: *roar*
Detah Spiral: hahaha, grrrr ::meow::
Narrator: .. Dr. Spelling Bee turns.. "how dare you meow at me!!!!!"
* yuo aer nto ym bsos!"
Dr. Kinky: muahaha
Death Spiral: teeheeeheee
Death Spiral: evil elf laugh
narrator: .. dr. spelling bee is appauled by my bad spelling and throws a dictionary at me
Death Spiral: ouch, you ducked and it hit me
Dr. Kinky: sorry *hands u a cookie*
Death Spiral: thank you, you can have a coke
Dr. Kinky: ah coke yum *the whores and spellling bee are just starring at us*
Death Spiral: they are waiting for us to fight
Death Spiral: them
Death Spiral: or each other
Death Spiral: by now they don't care anymore
Dr. Kinky: they sit and watch us in awe
Dr. Kinky: how easily distracted we are
Death Spiral: look! pretty!
Dr. Kinky: ooooo awwwweeeee
Narrator: *spellingbee orders a hoagie and a apple juice*
Death SPiral: the guidance whores are trying to guide some kids into things they don't like
Dr. Kinky: *enjoying coke*
Death SPiral: that's good
Dr. Kinky: and watching self drink coke in reflection on window
Death Spiral: and then randomzilla, he randomly shows up
Death Spiral: let's dance!
Dr. Kinky: *david bowie plays and everyone starts dancing*
Death Spiral: ::grabs red shoes::
Dr. Kinky: dances the blues
Narrator: now the people have left, the villians are crying, and we are dancing
~~ happy ending to a happy entry #1~~