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Where There is Justice to be Served... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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(no subject) [Sep. 11th, 2004|01:47 pm]
[mood |amusedamused]
[music |my big fat greek wedding]

breaking news

- randomzilla has broken lose in columbia, Maryland
- the confusion friends are confused!
- and Cpt'n V has been sent to Tampa, Florida and won't be participating in crime fighting until winter vacation.
-madame tazer hit me and it hurt.. alot
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(no subject) [Aug. 30th, 2004|01:36 am]
Wow, we haven't updated in ages.

We aren't dead

We've been busy fighting crime. And um, actually not doing much of anything.

What? No! Pfght fght. We're awesome!

::throws confetti and runs away::
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SCF BULLETIN [Jun. 30th, 2004|11:40 pm]
[mood |cranky news caster like]
[music | Garbage | cup of coffee]

*theme music*

we may be adding new characters/storie lines

super confusion friends will have allies..
MADAME TAZER & CAPTIAN V [his name is to confusing to say] and CPT V's secretiary [spelt weird due to my french and english colliding.. so u have a problem.. comment and i shall not get backo you] .. Miss. LUNA ... she works in a satilite in space.. together we are super confusion League..
signing off, this is Dr. Kinky

* theme music fades*
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(no subject) [Jun. 25th, 2004|04:55 pm]
DarksideBebop: sorry about tghe big bold ok
DarksideBebop: i didn't mean it..to be big and bold
ItsMisterPinkEye: yes you did
ItsMisterPinkEye: don't liw
ItsMisterPinkEye: e
ItsMisterPinkEye: lie
ItsMisterPinkEye: not liw
DarksideBebop: no i didn't :'(
DarksideBebop: lol
ItsMisterPinkEye: ::ducks and runs away:: spelling mistakes!
DarksideBebop: dr. spelling bee might have heard that
DarksideBebop: *paranoid.. hides behind a tree*
ItsMisterPinkEye: nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
ItsMisterPinkEye: ::contiunes screaming::
DarksideBebop: *above.. dr. spelling bee rides on his magic .. mop and his guidance whore not fdar behind*
DarksideBebop: far*
ItsMisterPinkEye: ::whimper:: what are we going to do?
DarksideBebop: ... we're going to fight.. and get distracted by our reflectins in the pond
DarksideBebop: and feed the ducks left over bread
ItsMisterPinkEye: look I'm wearing clown makeup!
ItsMisterPinkEye: hello duckies!
DarksideBebop: lol
DarksideBebop: *dr. speling bee just sits on the nearby bench with whores and waits for our return to earth*
DarksideBebop: earth being.. not staring at the pond..
DarksideBebop: *but the oind is prettiful*
DarksideBebop: pond*
ItsMisterPinkEye: pond? oh, you mean oind!
DarksideBebop: .. of.. course...o.O
DarksideBebop: lol
DarksideBebop: *a guidance whore attemps to steal the wonder bread from us(
ItsMisterPinkEye: so, we're at this oind, feeding the ducks, where's the action?!
ItsMisterPinkEye: oh, wait, there it is
DarksideBebop: lol
ItsMisterPinkEye: damn you!
ItsMisterPinkEye: ::kicks guidance whore with bread::
DarksideBebop: damn youwonderbread stealing our amusemant whore
DarksideBebop: *throws a duck at her*
DarksideBebop: .. an origami duck
ItsMisterPinkEye: ::super karate chop action::
DarksideBebop: *dr. spelling bee saves his whore and rides of on his mop above our heads*
ItsMisterPinkEye: ::guidance whore falls in oind, with origami duck in her eye, because he left one::
DarksideBebop: ol
DarksideBebop: i forgot in L in that
DarksideBebop: :\
DarksideBebop: *ducks attack the whore*
ItsMisterPinkEye: it's all good
DarksideBebop: yay
ItsMisterPinkEye: always is
DarksideBebop: "yay for bad spelling, ducks, and confusion"
ItsMisterPinkEye: ducks, they made the show
DarksideBebop: yes they did :]
ItsMisterPinkEye: what with their crayziness and all
DarksideBebop: and an origami duck made the show to.. it helped our win
ItsMisterPinkEye: nice of it
DarksideBebop: awesome water fowl
DarksideBebop: *lets celebrate this event with cola n' cookies and bread crust*
DarksideBebop: for the ducks ofcourse..
ItsMisterPinkEye: oh, yeah
ItsMisterPinkEye: and confusion?
DarksideBebop: yes
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(no subject) [Jun. 21st, 2004|09:02 pm]
[music | TBS]

xLemonxLiesx: ayye
ItsMisterPinkEye: heyo!
ItsMisterPinkEye: how are you?
xLemonxLiesx: i am mighty fine.. and urself?
ItsMisterPinkEye: i'm okie
xLemonxLiesx: groovy
ItsMisterPinkEye: yes, yes it is
ItsMisterPinkEye: ohhhhhh!
xLemonxLiesx: lol
ItsMisterPinkEye: the truth comes out!
ItsMisterPinkEye: "good lord almighty!" ::old lady passes out::
xLemonxLiesx: .. flock of birds fly into glass
ItsMisterPinkEye: cars crash
xLemonxLiesx: and a fat lady sings
ItsMisterPinkEye: breaks more glass
xLemonxLiesx: (pot head): woooah man
ItsMisterPinkEye: scared little kids start to cry
xLemonxLiesx: mothers cover their eyes
ItsMisterPinkEye: and the dog digs a hole
xLemonxLiesx: and the cat 'bubbles' moo's
ItsMisterPinkEye: and the cows get freaked out
xLemonxLiesx: and people run
ItsMisterPinkEye: fast
xLemonxLiesx: and a black lady turnss to me adn smacks me for lieing "see girl, look at the trouble yous caused"
ItsMisterPinkEye: ::steph shakes head disappointedly::
xLemonxLiesx: .. i hide my face in my oversized sleeves
ItsMisterPinkEye: the woman's right, look what you did.
xLemonxLiesx: i know *crying*
ItsMisterPinkEye: lady slaps me too "don't think you're any better"
ItsMisterPinkEye: now we're both crying
xLemonxLiesx: we both walk away with red hand marks on our faces
xLemonxLiesx: "what a bitch"
xLemonxLiesx: :-(
ItsMisterPinkEye: "mean lady" mumbling under breath
ItsMisterPinkEye: lady "I heard that!"
xLemonxLiesx: she hears us, and chases after us, with her argenss
xLemonxLiesx: largeness*
ItsMisterPinkEye: me "Eep!" and starts to run away
xLemonxLiesx: follows
ItsMisterPinkEye: ::throws random things to try and stop lady, trash can hits you::
ItsMisterPinkEye: "sorry!"
xLemonxLiesx: *ouch*
xLemonxLiesx: "it's ok"
ItsMisterPinkEye: "Are you sure?"
xLemonxLiesx: "yes yes" *puts bandaide on
ItsMisterPinkEye: "Because your eye......."
xLemonxLiesx: *has a pirate eyepatch*
ItsMisterPinkEye: "it's gone"
xLemonxLiesx: "what's gone!?!?" *paranoid*
xLemonxLiesx: nooooooooooo
xLemonxLiesx: my eye!!!!!!!!
xLemonxLiesx: ahhhhhhhh
ItsMisterPinkEye: "I'll help you find it"
xLemonxLiesx: "thanks"
ItsMisterPinkEye: ::hands you eye::
ItsMisterPinkEye: ::brushes it off::
xLemonxLiesx: *places it back in*
ItsMisterPinkEye: "good as new"
xLemonxLiesx: large black lady: "imma get you"
ItsMisterPinkEye: "Eek!"
xLemonxLiesx: *chase continues*
ItsMisterPinkEye: ::chase music::
xLemonxLiesx: *like from cold creek manor*
ItsMisterPinkEye: hahaha, yes
xLemonxLiesx: "woooo"
ItsMisterPinkEye: "wait! The lady! She's got a....a...."
ItsMisterPinkEye: "a broom!"
xLemonxLiesx: "oh my.. god.. it's... it's... long.."
xLemonxLiesx: *shifty eyes*
ItsMisterPinkEye: ::she starts swinging it::
xLemonxLiesx: *ducks and runs*
ItsMisterPinkEye: ::starts crying like Vern from Stand by Me::
xLemonxLiesx: *stops angered by large black lady* " YOU BITCH! YOU MADE MY FRIEND CRY..." *acts tough.. lady bitch slaps me* "oww" *cowers away*
ItsMisterPinkEye: ::still crying:: "I want some root beer" grabs a bottle
ItsMisterPinkEye: yum
xLemonxLiesx: *nods head..*
ItsMisterPinkEye: ::hands you one::
xLemonxLiesx: "thanks"
xLemonxLiesx: *happy ending music to the chase.. black lady walks away with bucket of fried chicken*
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Nothing to Do With sCf.....just an elf.... [Jun. 14th, 2004|08:03 pm]
DarksideBebop: i love elves... i love their evil laughs
ItsMisterPinkEye: teehehehehehee
DarksideBebop: oh coo! an evle's evil laugh *listens in fascination*
ItsMisterPinkEye: ::runs into the trees::
DarksideBebop: *it's like a discovery channel show* here we tsee the ever so timid evil elf
DarksideBebop: .. be calm around them
DarksideBebop: don't wanna spook em'
ItsMisterPinkEye: and then I run away
DarksideBebop: *follows with video camera*
DarksideBebop: were'd it go?
DarksideBebop: *hides in a bush*
ItsMisterPinkEye: teeheheheee
DarksideBebop: i hear it! * continues the stalk*
DarksideBebop: keep ur eyes open people
ItsMisterPinkEye: ::making cookies::
DarksideBebop: smell that? that's the scent of elves
DarksideBebop: "gee Ray, that smells nice"
DarksideBebop: "don't be lured in!"
ItsMisterPinkEye: ::starts picking flowers::
DarksideBebop: oh this one is a tricky one
DarksideBebop: *hides in the brush*
DarksideBebop: *stupid camera man sneezes*
ItsMisterPinkEye: ::more elf laughter::
DarksideBebop: ah the laugh of the ever so timid evil elf
ItsMisterPinkEye: ::hands flowers over::
DarksideBebop: why, thanks..
ItsMisterPinkEye: ::skips away::
DarksideBebop: "do they bite?"- stupid camera bot\y
DarksideBebop: , watches in awe as it skips away
DarksideBebop: "no they don't bite.. hard"
ItsMisterPinkEye: ::singing:: lalalalala
DarksideBebop: *walks slowly away..turns*
DarksideBebop: ur should be on american idol...
DarksideBebop: *walks away towards sunset*
ItsMisterPinkEye: yeah, I think so too
DarksideBebop: *camera boy is just standing there.. *
DarksideBebop: "awesome.."
ItsMisterPinkEye: I am awesome, teeheheehee
DarksideBebop: *camera boy faints in happyness*
DarksideBebop: u rule evil elf!
ItsMisterPinkEye: teehee, ::takes him back into the evil elf forest::
DarksideBebop: *the camera is still on.. captures the rare footage*
ItsMisterPinkEye: ::elves making cookies::
ItsMisterPinkEye: and singing
DarksideBebop: elves talking in elf language
DarksideBebop: camera boy awakes to the smell of keebler cookies
ItsMisterPinkEye: ::hands him cookies::
DarksideBebop: "thanks.."
DarksideBebop: *nibbles*
ItsMisterPinkEye: ::bows::
DarksideBebop: *nods head in bw*
DarksideBebop: bow*
ItsMisterPinkEye: ::more skipping::
DarksideBebop: ".. these cookies are the shizzle"
ItsMisterPinkEye: ::word::
DarksideBebop: *the thug elf walks bye in bling*
ItsMisterPinkEye: ::peace::
DarksideBebop: *camera boy.. n awe*
DarksideBebop: ha ha ha
ItsMisterPinkEye: ::sing-a-long time::
DarksideBebop: *camera boy has a gaint smile*
DarksideBebop: yay sing-a-long time!
DarksideBebop: thug elf turns the boom box on
ItsMisterPinkEye: ::hip hop a-hippy to the hippy with a hip hip hop till ya don't stop with the bang bang boogie said up jump the boogy to the boogity beat....::
DarksideBebop: *nods head in fancy*
ItsMisterPinkEye: ::ch-ch-changes.....::
DarksideBebop: face the strange
ItsMisterPinkEye: look out you rock 'n' rollers
DarksideBebop: time may change me
ItsMisterPinkEye: but I can't change time
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the confusion friends in... arch nemisus Dr. SPELLING BEE! [Jun. 12th, 2004|01:52 am]
[mood |confusedsway]
[music | -singing lets's dance by david bowie to self]

9:05am.. outside of somewhere confusing..
we join our hero's at Helga's meat palace n' cafe..

Death Spiral: and they are there, confused, of course
Dr. Kinky: *Dr. Spelling Bee is sending out his flying guidance whores to terrorize young children.. telling them they are worthless and need not caffine to heal their wounds*
Death Spiral: and then we run in, and tell them it's not very nice to say such things
Dr. Kinky: *a can of diet cola is thrown at Dr. Spelling Bee*
Death Spiral: they scream it contains phenylalanine! hahaha (evil laugh)
Death Spiral: and we spell phenylalanine agdgsgrgd
Death Spiral: even though it has no vowels!!
Dr. Kinky: *flings meat at window for no reason*.. i felt like..it.. was a splurge of the moment
Death Spiral: it's okay
Death Spiral: (towns people) what the hell are they doing?
civilian: "they're just our special heros" *wink wink*
Death Spiral: we are special
Dr. Kinky: very
Death Spiral: so special we should get cookies
Dr. Kinky: and nothing like.. bad spelling.. can take that away
Death Spiral: no, and those guidance whores, trying to tell me what to think and who to be....curse them!!!
Dr. Kinky: *roar*
Detah Spiral: hahaha, grrrr ::meow::
Narrator: .. Dr. Spelling Bee turns.. "how dare you meow at me!!!!!"
* yuo aer nto ym bsos!"
Dr. Kinky: muahaha
Death Spiral: teeheeeheee
Death Spiral: evil elf laugh
narrator: .. dr. spelling bee is appauled by my bad spelling and throws a dictionary at me
Death Spiral: ouch, you ducked and it hit me
Dr. Kinky: sorry *hands u a cookie*
Death Spiral: thank you, you can have a coke
Dr. Kinky: ah coke yum *the whores and spellling bee are just starring at us*
Death Spiral: they are waiting for us to fight
Death Spiral: them
Death Spiral: or each other
Death Spiral: by now they don't care anymore
Dr. Kinky: they sit and watch us in awe
Dr. Kinky: how easily distracted we are
Death Spiral: look! pretty!
Dr. Kinky: ooooo awwwweeeee
Narrator: *spellingbee orders a hoagie and a apple juice*
Death SPiral: the guidance whores are trying to guide some kids into things they don't like
Dr. Kinky: *enjoying coke*
Death SPiral: that's good
Dr. Kinky: and watching self drink coke in reflection on window
Death Spiral: and then randomzilla, he randomly shows up
Death Spiral: let's dance!
Dr. Kinky: *david bowie plays and everyone starts dancing*
Death Spiral: ::grabs red shoes::
Dr. Kinky: dances the blues
Narrator: now the people have left, the villians are crying, and we are dancing
~~ happy ending to a happy entry #1~~
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