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DarksideBebop: sorry about tghe big bold ok DarksideBebop: i didn't… - Where There is Justice to be Served... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Jun. 25th, 2004|04:55 pm]
DarksideBebop: sorry about tghe big bold ok
DarksideBebop: i didn't mean it..to be big and bold
ItsMisterPinkEye: yes you did
ItsMisterPinkEye: don't liw
ItsMisterPinkEye: e
ItsMisterPinkEye: lie
ItsMisterPinkEye: not liw
DarksideBebop: no i didn't :'(
DarksideBebop: lol
ItsMisterPinkEye: ::ducks and runs away:: spelling mistakes!
DarksideBebop: dr. spelling bee might have heard that
DarksideBebop: *paranoid.. hides behind a tree*
ItsMisterPinkEye: nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
ItsMisterPinkEye: ::contiunes screaming::
DarksideBebop: *above.. dr. spelling bee rides on his magic .. mop and his guidance whore not fdar behind*
DarksideBebop: far*
ItsMisterPinkEye: ::whimper:: what are we going to do?
DarksideBebop: ... we're going to fight.. and get distracted by our reflectins in the pond
DarksideBebop: and feed the ducks left over bread
ItsMisterPinkEye: look I'm wearing clown makeup!
ItsMisterPinkEye: hello duckies!
DarksideBebop: lol
DarksideBebop: *dr. speling bee just sits on the nearby bench with whores and waits for our return to earth*
DarksideBebop: earth being.. not staring at the pond..
DarksideBebop: *but the oind is prettiful*
DarksideBebop: pond*
ItsMisterPinkEye: pond? oh, you mean oind!
DarksideBebop: .. of.. course...o.O
DarksideBebop: lol
DarksideBebop: *a guidance whore attemps to steal the wonder bread from us(
ItsMisterPinkEye: so, we're at this oind, feeding the ducks, where's the action?!
ItsMisterPinkEye: oh, wait, there it is
DarksideBebop: lol
ItsMisterPinkEye: damn you!
ItsMisterPinkEye: ::kicks guidance whore with bread::
DarksideBebop: damn youwonderbread stealing our amusemant whore
DarksideBebop: *throws a duck at her*
DarksideBebop: .. an origami duck
ItsMisterPinkEye: ::super karate chop action::
DarksideBebop: *dr. spelling bee saves his whore and rides of on his mop above our heads*
ItsMisterPinkEye: ::guidance whore falls in oind, with origami duck in her eye, because he left one::
DarksideBebop: ol
DarksideBebop: i forgot in L in that
DarksideBebop: :\
DarksideBebop: *ducks attack the whore*
ItsMisterPinkEye: it's all good
DarksideBebop: yay
ItsMisterPinkEye: always is
DarksideBebop: "yay for bad spelling, ducks, and confusion"
ItsMisterPinkEye: ducks, they made the show
DarksideBebop: yes they did :]
ItsMisterPinkEye: what with their crayziness and all
DarksideBebop: and an origami duck made the show to.. it helped our win
ItsMisterPinkEye: nice of it
DarksideBebop: awesome water fowl
DarksideBebop: *lets celebrate this event with cola n' cookies and bread crust*
DarksideBebop: for the ducks ofcourse..
ItsMisterPinkEye: oh, yeah
ItsMisterPinkEye: and confusion?
DarksideBebop: yes